Celtic Colours - Eilean Briagha: Beautiful Island

October 12, 2017

Eilean Briagha: Beautiful Island - Malagawatch Church 

When the Gaels arrived from Scotland, they brought their language and music. The community of Iona is one of the places they settled. Rich in Gaelic heritage, the area has maintained close ties to the roots of its settlers and the Highland Village has played an important role in maintaining that cultural heritage. Renowned Gaelic singer Margaret Stewart comes from the Isle of Lewis. With her passion for the songs and culture of Scotland, she should feel right at home in this setting. Colin Watson is a gifted singer with an impressive repertoire of songs and puirt-a-bheul. The singers will be joined by Hailee LeFort and Cailean MacLean, young artists with deep roots in Cape Breton. Hailee will delight us with her fiddle playing and dance steps, accompanied by Cailean on guitar. There are few places more inspiring for a performance steeped in Gaelic culture and tradition than this little church on the hill.