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Please call us to discuss our school tour options and changes due to COVID-19. Please also note our adjusted hours for 2020 – July 8 to September 13 (Wednesdays to Sundays 10 am to 4:30 pm).

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The Highland Village is an outdoor classroom where students can come to learn about the lives of the Gaels and Gaelic culture through interpretive staff, hands-on experience, and physical presence in four distinct themes: Life in Gaelic Scotland, Pioneer Life in Nova Scotia, Farm Life, and Village Life. Highland Village can accommodate both elementary and secondary students both here on site and in your classroom.

For a list of themes and related age groups please see our Resources for Teachers. Click for a pdf of orientation and procedures for On-site Visits.

Booking Information

On-site Visits The Highland Village site offers a varied learning environment for school children. The Village is open to receive visitors from June 1 to October 14. Admission for school groups is $5 per student. Chaperones are admitted free. *Please book in advance. A minimum of two weeks is preferable.

Céilidh Beag

Baile nan Gàidheal | Highland Village offers an in-class program titled Céilidh Beag (pronounced kay-lee beck), and can be translated simply as “a little visit”. The program’s name highlights the importance of social gatherings within Gaelic culture and the opportunities they provide in educating and transmitting traditional knowledge to youth. These youth may themselves then become teachers and tradition bearers for future generations within these same informal settings. Céilidh Beag will provide a chance to learn about the rich history of the Gael in Nova Scotia while engaging children in hands-on, interactive and fun cultural experiences. Costumed animators will carry out activities in first-person, encouraging children to empathize with the character, get a feel for what life was like for Nova Scotia Gaels through the centuries and make comparisons to their own experiences. Animators are knowledgeable in the domestic crafts, agricultural practices, history, language and culture of the Gael in Nova Scotia. 

The Ceilidh Beag experience is divided into three grade-specific levels that mirror the growth of potatoes, a major means of sustenance for Gaels in Scotland and Nova Scotia.

Sìl | Seeds (pronounced: Sheel ) - Primary to Grade 3 

Fàs | Growth (pronounced: Faas) - Grade 4 to Grade 6 

Bàrr | Tops (pronounced: Baar) - Grade 7 to Grade 9 

Each program provides engaging activities that meet several outcomes as outlined in the most current version of the Nova Scotia Streamlined Curriculum for grades Primary to 6. This is the first curriculum document to recognize Gaels as one of the four major founding cultures in our province. The Céilidh Beag program can offer ongoing exposure to Gaelic history and culture from Primary to Grade 9; each year building upon knowledge and experience gained in previous visits. In this manner, students will be able to meet more curriculum outcomes in various subjects, explore elements of Gaelic culture from different perspectives, and gain a deeper appreciation of the story of the Gael in Nova Scotia. Céilidh Beag also offers a chance to investigate and experience elements of Gaelic culture for students not enrolled in or unable to access Core Gaelic programming. This is particularly pertinent to Grades 7-9, where Gaelic history and culture does not yet make an appearance outside the Core Gaelic Curriculum outcomes.

A nominal charge of $2 per student will be charged to help defray presentation costs.  *This program will be offered the week of May 13 to May 17, 2019 during Mìos na Gàidhlig – Month of the Gaels. We are willing to travel within Cape Breton-Victoria & Strait Regional School Boards.

**Book early for maximum availability.

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