Animations & Experiences

As you tour our site, you will be welcomed into our buildings by our costumed staff who will provide background on the Gaels, our culture and the material representations on site. They will also share phrases in Gaelic as well as demonstrate traditional chores, crafts and other aspects of the lifestyle of the period.

As you walk forward through history you’ll have a chance to experience fist hand what life was like for our Gaelic Ancestors. From the Blackhouse built in the style the Highland Scots used at home, through the log house representing their first home here in Cape Breton and on through the 1800’s to the early 1920’s. You will be amazed at the ingenuity, creativity and fortitude our Gaelic ancestors showed in their everyday life.

Our costumed staff will demonstrate preparing and spinning wool, weaving on traditional looms, rug hooking, blacksmithing and ironwork, quilting as well as baking and open-hearth cooking. You’ll also be able to interact with our farm animals and see our traditional vegetable and flower gardens. Check with our team upon arrival for up to date information on activities on the day of your visit.