Roots Cape Breton Genealogy & Family History Centre FAQ

Q. How do I make a request?
A. First read these questions then fill in the research form. The form will tell us what you would like to find out as well as provide vital details to assist us in the search for your Cape Breton Roots.

Q. What do I need to know to start a search?
A. To help us assist you, we need a name to search, a residence or suspected residence, a birth place and date of birth or time when living and a religion if known. We also need your e-mail, name, address and postal/zip code to mail your results to you. Searches are limited to your ancestors who were known to have been on Cape Breton Island.

Q. How do I know if my request can be answered?
A. If your ancestor was born before 1910 we have a better chance of finding them or their parents. Births after 1910 are outside the limits of our resources unless older siblings are known. We may then be able to identify the family members in the 1911 census.

Q. How is the research carried out?
A. Your request is assessed, you will be contacted by e-mail giving an estimate of hours needed. If you agree, confirm by return e-mail. You will be assigned an Invoice number and research will begin upon receipt of payment. Results of the search will be mailed to you. Research is done in order of receipt.

Q. How is payment arranged?
A. You may mail a cheque to the Highland Village at the address given or call and give a Master Card or Visa number. Pre-payment is required as no research will be done without payment. 15% HST is added to the fees for Canadian customers only