As we seek to make improvements to our built environment to enhance access, we are aware that most historic buildings were not originally designed to accommodate people with mobility and other access needs. Providing access (interior and exterior) in ways that preserve the character of the historic property is a challenge that does require creativity and collaboration with stakeholders. By providing interpretive programming and animation activities outside buildings, along with digital and print images for physically inaccessible spaces, we hope to make your visit more enjoyable. Please contact us for more details. 

Our site currently consists of:

Welcome/Cultural Centre (Reception/Gift Shop)

  • Our new Centre meets current accessibility standards with barrier free parking, exterior and interior ramps, barrier free washrooms, and power front door openers
  • Part of our reception desk is designed for folks in wheelchairs
  • The outdoor stage has not yet been completed. Seating and accommodations for wheelchairs will be in place for the 2023 concert.


  • There are barrier free, gender-neutral washrooms in the new Welcome Centre
  • Accessible public washrooms are located off the main parking lot and on site next to the church
  • The new washroom building next to the church is equipped with power door openers

Getting Around the Site

  • The Highland Village is proud to be an Aira Access Partner.
  • Highland Village is located on the side of a picturesque 40 acre hill with some significant climbs
  • Our paths and roads are primarily gravel based with some grassed spots
  • Parking areas are available on site to improve accessibility and reduce inclines - see reception desk for more information
  • There is bench seating available throughout the site
  • Dogs including assistance guide dogs and medical response dogs are welcomed throughout our site as long as they are on a leash. 
  • We are in the process of acquiring a transport vehicle to transport those with mobility challenges around the site. We are expect delivery in September 2023.

A Note about the Historic Buildings:

  • There are twelve historic buildings
  • 4 buildings (Blackhouse, Barn, Church, General Store) have a ramp or level entry to the main floor
  • 4 buildings (Log House, Forge, Shingle Mill and Carding Mill) have one step
  • 4 buildings (Centre Chimney House, Centre Hallway House, School, Turn of the Century House) have two or more steps
  • Staff are on hand to share stories and historical information about the site inside or outside our historical buildings

This webpage will be updated as we make improvements.