Procedures for On-site Visits

Please call us to discuss our school tour options and changes due to COVID-19. Please also note our adjusted hours for 2020 – July 8 to September 13 (Wednesdays to Sundays 10 am to 4:30 pm).

Orientation & Procedures for On-site Visits

Teachers and chaperones will be provided with a map highlighting specific points of interest. An orientation guide will assist in organizing group tours. Interpretive staff will provide information on their respective buildings and direct visitors to the next stop. To maximize the benefits of Highland Village educational tours, we ask schools to observe the following procedures during their visit:

1.     A minimum of one chaperone per ten students;

2.     It would be convenient to divide classes/groups as close to twenty students as possible before arriving at the museum; 

3.     Please wait for an assigned staff guide before leaving area of buses; 

4.     Upon arrival, the tour leader should report to the reception desk with number of students and admission fees; 

5.     Students must remain with their chaperones and tour leader while visiting buildings;

6.     To ensure ample room for all, groups are required to remain outside buildings until invited in by costumed guides;

7.     Please be aware that many artifacts are rare, or irreplaceable. No handling is allowed unless otherwise indicated;

8.     Upon completion of the tour, visitors are welcome to utilize the picnic area adjacent to the parking lot. Unless special permission has been obtained, no students will return to the historical area of the site;

9.     Please refrain from visiting the Village gift shop until the end of the tour.

Length of Tour

Average time for touring Highland Village is approximately one and a half to two hours. Large groups will be divided into smaller groups and staggered by 10 minute intervals resulting in a longer tour time.


The museum has upper and lower level car parking, a gift shop, public washrooms and a picnic area with tables and a shelter.

Appropriate Clothing

Much of the tour takes place outdoors. Dress should be suitable for prevailing weather conditions of the day.

Food and Drink

Students can eat their packed lunches in the picnic area. Food and drink are limited to this section of the grounds.

Purchases at the Museum

Souvenirs are available at our reception centre gift shop. Small items such as stick candy & toys can be purchased in the General Store on the museum site.