Sgadan’s Buntata – A Highland Village In-Class Cultural Experience

Our in-class program is titled Sgadan’s Buntàta (pronounced skat-un iss bun-dat-uh), Herring and Potatoes, a staple foodstuff of the Nova Scotian Gael, relished and oft mentioned in song. Sgadan’s Buntata will provide opportunities for students to see, and interact with, demonstrations of crafts preformed by staff in period dress. In addition to being made aware of the material culture of Gaelic Nova Scotia, students will experience an introduction to the Gaels’ language and customs


The Sgadan is Buntàta program from Highland Village relates to many aspects of Nova Scotia Elementary and Secondary school curricula. Our visiting Highland Village animators will provide an educational encounter with the tangible and intangible past. Subject matter can include the following:

  • Interpreting the history of everyday life
  • Connecting the past with the present.
  • Discussing and writing about Gaelic culture.
  • Learning about the relationship of buildings and tools to the land and daily labour.
  • Comparing and contrasting historical eras.
  • Gaining an appreciation for the historical lifestyles of our ancestors.
  • Identifying artifacts and interpreting their uses and relevance.
  • Following the historical development of Gaelic Nova Scotia.


The Highland Village in-class cultural experience is designed to bring presentations of Nova Scotian Gaelic folkways to public schools, which may not otherwise be able to visit the museum site in Iona. School visits can also accommodate classes engaged in special projects on the provinces’ historical Scottish communities. Presentations are conducted by costumed animators knowledgeable in domestic crafts, agricultural practices, historical background and Gaelic language and culture. Like herring and potatoes, the Highland Village in-class experience provides the basic sustenance to inform students on the character times and culture of Gaelic life in rural Nova Scotia.

Class visits from Highland Village interpreters will prompt students to consider the importance of Gaelic history in Nova Scotia. Students can trace the development of tools, implements, machines and other technologies during early nineteenth-century life in the Scottish Highlands up to the Great Depression era. Download Sgadan’s Buntata (PDF 2 MB) which provides a brief overview of the program for teachers and parents. 

To schedule a class visit, or for more information, please contact us at or by phone at Phone: (902) 725-2272, 1-866-4GAELIC (1-866-442-3542)


Sgadan’s Buntata In-Class Visits are available