Board of Trustees

The Nova Scotia Highland Village Society is led by a volunteer board of trustees elected by the membership of the Society at its annual general meeting. The board meets six times per year.

The following are the trustees of the Society, as elected by the membership at our June 22, 2017 Annual General Meeting:

President - Murdock A. MacPherson, Creignish (Exp. 2017/20)

Vice-President - Dan Chiasson, Baddeck (Exp 2019/22)

Treasurer - Elizabeth (Betty) Lord, Howie Centre (Exp. 2016/19)

Secretary - Quentin MacDonald, Washabuck (Exp. 2018/21)

John Hugh Edwards, Ross Ferry (Exp 2017/20)

Angie Farrell, Christmas Island (Exp. 2016/19)

Catherine Ann Fuller, Baddeck (Exp. 2016/19)

Jodi MacDonnell-Scott, Coxheath (Exp. 2020/23)

Vince MacLean, Northside East Bay (Exp. 2018/21)

Donnie MacNeil, Beaver Cove (Exp. 2020/23)

Melissa Nicholson, Baddeck (Exp. 2017/20)

Meaghan O’Handley, Grand Narrows (Exp. 2017/20)

Michelle Smith, Skye Glen (Exp. 2020/23)